Autoclave in Hospital

Autoclave in Hospital

  • Internal diameter: 1.65-3.2m
  • Max working pressure: 1.0-1.5Mpa
  • Designed Pressure:1.1-1.6Mpa
  • Max temperature 183-201°C
  • Certification: ISO&ASME&IBR
  • Place of Origin: Zhengzhou, China
  • Packaging:standart export packing
  • Delivery:60days after payment
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
  • Port: Qingdao/Shanghai
Product Description

Autoclave in Hospital

Autoclave is a large pressure vessel that can be used in hospital to sterilize such things as surgical instruments and hospital equipment. They're a bit like giant pressure cookers that use the power of steam to kill off germs that would survive a simple washing with boiling water and detergents. An autoclave is, perhaps, one of the most important devices in the medical field. It heats solutions above their boiling point to sterilize medical or laboratory instruments.

Autoclave Working Principles

Autoclaves work in a similar way, but they're typically used in a more extreme form of cooking: to blast the bugs and germs on things with steam long enough to sterilize them. The extra pressure in an autoclave means that water boils at a temperature higher than its normal boiling point—roughly 20°C hotter—so it holds and carries more heat and kills microbes more effectively.

The Application of Autoclave

Autoclave has many other scientific uses too. For instance, it can be applied in composite manufacturing, pharmaceutical, wood, cement pipe pile and timber, chemical industry and other fields.

ZG Autoclave in Hospital Advantage

1.Quick access Autoclave closure.
2.High heat temperature which kills bacteria more effectively.
3.70 years’ experience which can help solve all kinds of problems in operation or other aspects about autoclave.
4.Exceeding automaton control system.
5.Professional technologies and good after-sales service.
6.Design and manufacturing with international standards including CE, ASME, GOST-R.

Autoclave in Hospital Manufacturer

ZG Boiler is AAC autoclave manufacturer in China. Owing to the efforts of staff, we have got some famous national certifications: ISO, ASME, IBR. Our strong financial and technical support, and its own R & D and innovation are the guarantee of providing customers with pretty good products and services. To meet the requirement of national low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving, our study team has invented a series of autoclave and ancillary products with excellent design, high performance and excellent quality. If you have any question, you can contact us online, and we will sincerely serve you.

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