A simple introduction of AAC autoclave

The structure of AAC autoclve

AAC Autoclave , a type of large-scale steam machine that is the crucial equipment in the AAC Plant and autoclaved brick production. The technology can not only to steam sand lime brick, fly ash brick, slag brick, aerated concrete block, cement pile and other cement products.
Our AAC Autoclave is a horizontal cylindrical device made from steel. The quality of the AAC Autoclave is a useful one, and performance is reliable. AAC Autoclave is the pressure vessel and key equipment in the output of aerated concrete and autoclaved brick. It's applicable for stopping the cut body or brick under high temperature and questionable. The important medium is saturated water vapour.
AAC Autoclave can be used to stop the cut body under hotness and questionable. The leading parts are produced by autoclave body, cover, hand-operated reducer, safe blocking device, support saddle, valve meter etc. One's body is really a principle and cylindrical device created from steel. The cover consists of a complete part of pressed steel board, along with the flanges of cover and the entire body adopt a whole section of forged and processed 16Mn steel board. We have been manufacturer and supplier of AAC Autoclave in india.Currently AAC Autoclave  including technological design, fabrication, field erection and commissioning.

Aac autoclave made by ZG 

Depend on their particular R & D and innovation in neuro-scientific autoclave, ZG has long been dedicated to providing customers using the finest quality AAC autoclave, we supply best available autoclave price for your requirements. 
ZG AAC autoclave is created six national patents in the short term that's achieved excellent sales on the market the outcomes, covering Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Europe along with other countries, ZG has grown the important thing manufacturers of autoclave.

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