130 tons cfb boiler in Pakistan

Pakistan's coal resources are about 185 billion tons, and companies usually choose coal as fuel. In order to meet the growing demand for electricity, Pakistan's thermal power plant ordered our company's ZG-130 / 3.82-M power plant circulating fluidized bed boiler.


A 130-ton coal-fired circulating fluidized bed power plant boiler manufactured by ZBG boilers is installed in a thermal power plant in Pakistan.130 ton CFB power station boiler Pakistan's rated steam capacity: 130 tons / hour. Rated steam temperature: 450℃.Rated steam pressure: 3.82 MPa. Inlet water temperature: 105 ° C. Flue gas temperature: 134 ° C. Pollution discharge efficiency: ≤ 2%.Boiler design thermal efficiency: 87.1%.

ZG boiler CFB power station boiler adopts fixed design theory and CFB technology spectrum, and uses material balance theory and large particle combustion theory to optimize and reduce CFB total inventory, forming energy-saving circulating fluidized bed technology for fluid state reconstruction. The boiler operates at low bed pressure, the flue gas flow rate is low, the material concentration in the furnace is small, the wear is small, the long-term operation can be realized, the cost is saved, and the profit is increased for the customer. Low failure, low maintenance and high efficiency have won praises from customers all over the world.

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