15 ton Coal fired boiler for aac plant

 Were considered one of professional manufacturer and supplier of Automatic AAC Block Making Machinery in china, and now we can supply complete number of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Plant with 50000, 100000, 150000 m3 capacity annually (from 166 m3 to 500m3 every day), including plant design, equipments installation, technical instruction, personal training, etc., and as well can design and manufacture much like clients' requirement.

Simple introduction for aac plant process 
1.The process involves wet mixing of fly ash and water.
2.The mixture will be churned after some time with a required density.
3.The mixture is fed with lime, gypsum, and cement and aluminum powder inside a complex mixing process.
4.The mix is then devote a mould where it is packaged in experience of the accelerating agent to tumesce.
5.The swelled mixture is dried and cut to desired sized blocks.
6.The full blocks on trolleys are baked from the autoclave and the blocks are prepared.
15 ton coal fired boiler for aac plant 
In AAC Plant , heat steam is essential to stop in AAC plant.ZG 15ton coal fired Boiler can be a suitable upon AAC manufacturer. ZG coal fired boiler adopts compact structure and it also has advantages: simple installation, low energy production, safe and reliable operation, energy conservation, environmental protection, and low water quality requirement. ZG 15 ton coal fired Boiler in AAC Plant adopts water-cooled arch technology and membrane water wall technology, and that is domestic initiative. Inverted "α" arch furnace technology makes all the fuel burn fully in chain grate boiler.And also the chain grate boiler’s overload capacity is strong and it has wide adaptability of coal, in order that it provides the world advanced level.ZG 15ton coal fired boiler  are trusted by many AAC block manufacturers.

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