15 Ton Oil & Gas Fired Boiler for School

In the fired boiler field, ZG Boiler provides its customers with high technologies that mainly serve the burning of liquid and gas-like fuels. For instance a variety of fuels, not just including different types of natural gas and heating oil, but also including e.g. special fuels and/or production residues. Recently, there's a group of 15 ton oil & gas fired boiler used for school supplying hot water for the whole students and staff.

15 ton oil & gas fired boiler for school

15 Ton Oil & Gas Fired Boiler Manufacturer in China

ZG Boiler, as one of the leading boiler manufacturers on this planet, has 70 years’ experience which is specialized to all kinds of industrial boilers. Most notable, oil & gas fired boiler is now several patents and the technologies is higher and higher. There are mainly two types of oil &gas fired boiler. One is WNS oil & gas fired boiler, the other is the SZS oil & gas fired boiler. As the implementation sub project awarded through the world bank GEF efficient environmental protection boiler project, the principle technical indicators of WNS series oil & gas fired boiler that’s brought to life by ZG Boiler to the cooperation with all the German have reached the advanced world level, and the WNS oil & gas fired boiler is in the leading level of domestic boiler industry.

The Main Advantage of Oil & Gas Fired Boiler in ZG Boiler

1.The adoption of advanced corrugated furnace structure can not only enhance the heat transfer area but also match the free expansion after your furnace is heated.
2.This kind of boiler gets the good thing about high thermal efficiency,stable output,strong load adaptability.
3.The oil & gas fired boiler uses fast assembling structure which is convenient for installation and transportation. 

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