2 ton wood pellets fired boiler for heating in greenhouse


For reducing greenhouse heating costs and concerning about global warming, many people find biomass energy to be an economical alternative. It is necessary to use clean energy. Wood pellets fired boilers are suitable used for heating in greenhouse.

Wood pellets fired boiler for heating in greenhouse

ZG wood pellets fired boilers have come a long way. While some older models are heavy polluters with their particulate emissions, the new models wood pellets fired boilers in ZG are gassifiers, and burn clean. When the unit is at operating temperature, the only indication that it is running is some ripples of heat at the top of the stack. They are also able to capture more of the potential energy in each piece of wood. The boiler requires dry hardwood to operate, so fuel management is definitely a consideration, and should be a part of any decision to pursue this kind of a system. The system is using atmospheric carbon to heat the greenhouses. It does require a lot more work though.


2 ton wood pellets fired boiler

Wood pellet boiler is one of biomass fired boilers used wood pellet as fuel to produce heat. Wood pellets are considered to be carbon neutral, as the C02 produced when burnt is countered by the amount absorbed by the plant during its lifetime, since they are either grown from sustainable woodlands or manufactured using wood waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill. It is not significant savings on fuel costs, but also a reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Manufacture of wood pellets fired boiler in ZG

As an industrial boiler manufacture, ZG with more than six decades’ experience. The wood pellets fired boiler has formed a set of mature system and can meet the extremely tough conditions. 2 ton wood pellets fired boilers have been exported to South-East, Africa, Europe, etc. and have been recognized by customers from all over the world.

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