20 ton chain grate boiler in Romania

Two 25-ton chain grate steam boiler projects were signed in 2017. The customer company is a chemical plant, and a 25-ton steam boiler will be used for the production of chemical products. After six months of installation, two industrial steam boilers have been put into operation in the second half of 2017. Chemical plant boilers have a wide range of choices, and their uses are not the same. Environmental coal-fired steam boilers are currently the major equipment purchased by chemical companies in many non-key areas. As long as they are equipped with corresponding de-dumping and dust removal equipment, they can meet the national boiler emission standards.

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The Zhengzhou Boiler Group SZL type chain grate coal-fired boiler has high efficiency, strong overload capacity, and wide adaptability of coal types. It is hailed as the best design scheme for similar products in contemporary China, and it has world advanced level. The boiler is mainly composed of upper and lower drums, convection tube bundles, water wall tubes, descending tubes, and headers. The upper and lower drums are vertically arranged. The combustion equipment is a chain-and-chain chain grate and driven by a continuously variable transmission. The boiler body is composed of vertical upper and lower drums and convection tube bundles. A Φ51*3 pipe is arranged in the combustion chamber to form a water wall. The upper drum is equipped with a steam separation and continuous sewage discharge device. The lower drum is equipped with a regular sewage discharge device to ensure the steam quality. Equipped with a continuous automatic water supply device to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, the economizer is arranged at the tail of the boiler.

The 20-ton chain grate steam boiler can be safely and smoothly operated after the completion of the Romanian project. Give customers a good return. If you need to buy boiler series products, please consult online customer service.

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