25 ton gas fired boiler in paper mill

A paper mill in Saudi Arabia purchased a 25-ton gas fired boiler. The boiler is used to provide steam. The reason why customers choose gas boilers is because the region has abundant natural gas resources and low prices, which can save fuel costs and provide greater profit margins. It also helps protect the environment.


In the paper mill production process, many wastes such as bark, waste wood and black liquor will be produced. The use of biomass fluidized bed boiler combustion and gas boilers is currently a preferred method: on the one hand, waste is disposed, and buried waste is saved. The manpower and space, on the other hand, have produced a large amount of steam for production, which has improved the economic benefits of the paper mill. The chemicals in the production of paper mills are heated and dissolved, such as sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, etc., and are heated by steam. In addition, processing and forming paper, black pulp concentration, etc. also require steam.

Most of the boilers used in paper mills are steam boilers. The role of these boilers is to use coal or other fuels to generate high-temperature steam by converting energy, and then to deliver the steam to various production plants to achieve various technological purposes such as cooking and drying. For example, in a paper mill, steam enters the steaming ball to realize cooking of the papermaking raw materials, steam entering the drying cylinder, and drying of the wet paper passing through the drying cylinder.

This 25-ton natural gas fired boiler brings good benefits to customers. Received the appreciation of customers. Guarantee the normal production of the company. If you need to buy a boiler product, please consult our online engineers.

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