6 ton 10.5 kg pressure husk steam boiler

6 ton husk steam boiler is a kind of boiler directly use husk, rice husk, wood pellets and other biomass energy as the fuel, so it is also can be typed as biomass fired boiler. In recent years, husk steam boilers are popular in the world for its high efficiency, energy saving and fuel adaptability. Biomass fired boiler for sale has been exported to India, Indonesia, Oman, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Spain, etc.

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Husk steam boiler features

1. The output capacity is sufficient and continuous, the 6 ton boiler also can continuously worked for a long time.
2. Small size, less investment, the biomass fired boiler can make full use of the fuel wood, rice husk, saws, bagasse and other shaped biomass fuel.
3. No need special protection when power off.
4. The efficiency of the boiler is higher.
5. Heating fast, what' more, the boiler with 10.5 kg pressure also has the advantages of small occupation, bigger output, high efficiency and so on.
6. Safe and reliable: The special structure and materials make the boiler being with high safety.
7. Primordial dust emissions density is low: The volume of the boiler is large and there is a dust separation device, so the primordial dust emissions density will be controlled much lower than the standard allowed.
8. Easy to install: The installation charge is little and the installation time is short.

Husk steam boiler for sale

6 ton husk steam boiler, which working with 10.5 kg pressure for sale has been widely applied in industrial areas, like paper making, laundry room, food processing, weave factory, textile plants, chemical industry, sugar factory, slaughterhouse, greenhouse heating, school, hospital, bathroom, and other areas.

The price of 6 ton husk steam boiler is determined by the steam capacity, steam pressure, boiler certification, boiler application, the place where to export, the boiler structure, boiler configuration, etc. As a professional boiler manufacturer, we will provide our clients for the best price. 

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