8 ton oil fired steam boiler in Canada

 Last month, a Canadian customer ordered an 8 ton oil fired boiler from our company for heating in a five-star hotel. This is the second time that the Canadian customer has ordered a boiler from our company. It can be seen that the quality of our boiler is guaranteed and the customer satisfaction rate is extremely high.

oil fired boiler

The pressure of the 8 ton oil fuel steam boiler for heating in Canada is 0.6 MPa. The available fuels are Natural Gas, Biogas, Light Oil, Diesel Oil, and can also be used in industrial heating such as textile mills and food processing plants,etc.
The auxiliary equipment of our company's oil fuel steam boilers are as follows: Chen water treatment and supply system (Soft water, salt water elimination system, deaerator, feed pump, water tank, add ammonia device, add drug device), Steam system (Sub-steam Cylinder,temperature and pressure reducer),Fule supply and combustion system(Gas decompression station,oil tank,fuel valve group,burner,daily-use oil tank),Flue gas and air syetem(Blower,chimney,etc),Pollution discharge system(Continuous blow-down,quantitative blow-down,sampling device,silencer),Electronic control system(General control,plc control,dcs control),Other aquipment of boiler room(Heat transfer stations,circulating pumps,dirt separator,etc).
If you wanna purchase 8 ton oil fired steam boiler or other fuel type boilers,contact us,plz.
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