Advantages and disadvantages of gas water tube boilers

    In the water tube boiler, the gas production is basically above 20 tons/hour. At present, the SZS type gas water tube boiler is the best-selling. Compared with the fire tube boiler, there is no large diameter drum in the structure, and the flexible bent water pipe replaces the straight. The pipe not only saves metal, but also creates conditions for increasing boiler capacity and steam parameters.

Gas water tube boiler advantages:

1. The water tube boiler furnace is placed outside the cylinder. The volume of the furnace can be large or small, which can meet the requirements of combustion and increase evaporation.

2. The water tube boiler drum is generally not directly heated, and the tube containing the water vapor is placed in the furnace and the flue as a heating surface, and the heat transfer performance and safety performance are significantly improved.

3. The preheating, steam and steam superheating of the water tube boiler water is completed in the economizer, the water wall and the convection tube bundle, and the superheater on the heating surface.

4. The water vapor system, combustion system and auxiliary system of the water tube boiler are more complicated, but the structure of the single pressure-bearing parts of the water tube boiler is relatively simple.

5, water pipe boiler due to water preheating, soda water and steam overheating are completed in the pipe, pipe fouling is difficult to remove, so water pipe boilers have higher water quality requirements, the operation, operation, management level is also required.
gas water tube boiler

Gas water tube boiler disadvantages:

1. The structure is complicated, the manufacturing cost is much higher than that of the fire tube type, and the cleaning is troublesome.

2. The impact caused by scale is quite large and the water quality requirements are strict.

3. Due to the small capacity of the steam drum and water drum of the water storage, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of steam and water to rise together and generate steam with high humidity.

4. The water pipe is in contact with high temperature combustion gas for a long time and is easily damaged.

5. The steam storage is small, so the pressure changes greatly.
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