Aqueous biomass fuel boiler

The water-containing biomass fuel boiler fuel can be formed with more water-containing shaped wine cell biomass particles, bagasse biomass particles, or can be produced by burning coal. It has high thermal efficiency, low operating cost, long-term trouble-free operation, and boiler outlet smoke and dust emission. Low concentration, light weight, less capital investment, factory shipment, small on-site installation and short installation period have become popular products in recent years.


The water-containing biomass fuel boiler adopts two boiler product design invention patents researched by Xi'an Jiaotong University: 1 fly ash internal circulation vulcanization re-ignition device based on high temperature separation 2 angle tube boiler flag convection heating surface composite equal flow rate design method. The beam type grate is used, and the running resistance of the grate is small. The cooling effect of the grate piece is good, the failure rate is low; the amount of "fuel" in the grate leakage is small, and the combustion system is manufactured and manufactured for domestic first-class manufacturers. It adopts light furnace wall structure, good thermal insulation performance, no ash leakage, and excellent environment. At the same time, it adopts secondary wind turbulent combustion design idea and fly ash high temperature separation + fly ash internal circulation fluidization reburning technology, which has high combustion efficiency.

The water-containing biomass fuel boiler is a high-tech boiler developed by Zhengzhou Boiler Group. Suitable for use in areas with abundant biomass resources, which can effectively reduce operating costs. Bring more profit to the company. If you would like to consult any information about the boiler, please contact our online engineers.

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