Autoclave for concrete pile

Autoclave for concrete pile

In Autoclaved concrete pile manufacturing process, high-pressure steam curing concrete pile in autoclave, it is a key step in the manufacture of concrete pipe pile. Concrete Piles completed hydrothermal reaction CaO-Si02-H2O in the autoclave. Concrete Piles can be divided into PTC, PC, PHC, all of these concrete piles need autoclave steam curing. Various parts autoclave were ANSYS finite element analysis to ensure safe, reliable and longer life autoclave performance.

Concrete pile autoclave Feature

The operation of our plant is simple and pratical.
Waste materials and water can be recycled during operation process, it is environment-friendly.
The concrete pile autoclave equipment has higher degree of automation.
The final products are high in precision, qualified product rate ≥ 98%.
Our Autoclave for concrete piles has good cost performance.

Concrete pile advantage

The concrete pile consists of hollow concrete pile sections, which are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, wall thickness and lengths. The pile elements are made of prestressed, spun concrete.The high concrete strength offers increased structural capacity compared to ordinary concrete piles, and thus the number of piles required is reduced. This results often in overall savings, not only on material costs but also driving cost and construction time.

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