Autoclave machine manufacturer in china

 Industrial Autoclave is a type of large-scale steam tools which is the true secret equipment from the production of aerated concrete and autoclaved brick. You can use it to steam sand lime brick, flyash brick, slag brick, aerated concrete block, cement pile and other cement products.

Our AAC Autoclave is really a horizontal cylindrical device crafted from steel. The standard of the AAC Autoclave is good, as well as performance is reliable. AAC Autoclave will be the pressure vessel and key equipment within the production of aerated concrete and autoclaved brick. It really is applicable for curing the cut body or brick under high temperature and underhand. The working medium is saturated water vapor.
The advantage of autoclave machine 
First, sand or fly ash with lime crushing mix together, then grind after digestion treatment, and use the type of adobe brick molding mechanism into different specifications. Through the steam car sending to the autoclave under saturated vapor reaction caldron in the aero-concrete 8-10 hours to ready label 150 number sand-lime brick or fly ash bricks. Put lime, sand or fly ash and water in a paste, adding a foaming agent, injection mold, standing foam, then dig blocks of various sizes. Lastly sending the steam car into your autoclave under saturated vapor steam curing inherent for 8-10 hours, porous, lightweight aerated blocks bricks can be done.
Autoclave machine manufacturer in china 
ZG  AAC Autoclave is utilized to cure the cut body under high temperature and underhand. The primary parts are made by autoclave body, cover, hand-operated reducer, safe blocking device, support saddle, valve meter etc. Our bodies is often a principle and cylindrical device created from steel. The top's includes a full bit of pressed 16MnR steel board, plus the flanges of cover and the body adopt a whole part of forged and processed 16Mn steel board. ZG is a manufacturer and supplier of AAC Autoclave in China. We offer AAC Autoclave including technological design, fabrication, field erection and commissioning.

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