Biomass boiler power generation

Biomass boilers burn biomass directly as fuel and use the energy from combustion to generate electricity. The main combustion types of biomass boilers used today for power generation are fluidized bed combustion boilers and gas-fired boilers.

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Fluidized bed combustion boilers and gas-fired boilers.

The biggest difference between fluidized bed combustion and ordinary combustion is that the fuel is in the form of particles, and the fuel is in a fluidized bed in a fluidized state for combustion reaction and heat exchange. Biomass fuel has a relatively high moisture content and adopts fluidized bed technology, which is beneficial to the complete combustion of biomass and improves the combustion efficiency.

However, the fluidized bed requires strict fuel particle size into the furnace. Therefore, a series of pretreatments such as drying and crushing of the biomass are needed to uniformize the size and condition of the biomass to ensure normal fluidization of the biomass fuel. For biomass, such as rice husks, sawdust, etc., which have relatively small weight and loose structure, quartz sand, high-alumina brick, etc. must be continuously added to maintain the heat storage bed required for normal combustion.

Laminar combustion is a common combustion method. Biomass-fired boilers developed using stratified combustion technology have a simple structure, easy operation, and relatively low investment and operating costs. Due to the large grate area of ​​the boiler, the speed or vibration frequency of the grate can be adjusted, and the furnace has enough space to float, which can prolong the residence time of the biomass in the furnace and is beneficial to the complete combustion of the biomass fuel.

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