D-type Double drum water tube boiler

SZS water tube boiler

SZS series water tube boiler adopts two drum D type structure in which the whole boiler body laid on the steel chassis. the upper and lower drums of the boiler laid horizontally, among the drums , there is a convection tube. And a coal economizer is installed at the bottom of the boiler. The membrane wall is adopted on the boiler’s front and back wall, the side wall as well as the mid feather.

The slight positive pressure of the furnace enhances the combustion and improve the heat efficiency. The burner is vertically placed on te front wall.

The connection between the upper and lower drum and the convection tube is well welded, belonging to natural circulation. Water circulation is a typical and liable structure with self-compensation and self-adjustment of the ratio of rising and falling.
The furnace, with large size, has large volume. The low heat load and the membrane structure reduce the heat loss to ensure the steam area. Meanwhile, the distribution of the convection tube can also help to improve the heating efficiency


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