Development Prospects of Autoclave

The AAC autoclave aerated concrete block is based on cement, lime, gypsum, fly ash and sand as raw materials. It is porous concrete by the autoclave manufacturing processes and the aluminum as gas producing agent. It has many advantages such as light weight, high performance thermal insulation, sound absorption and so on.

The Application of AAC Autoclave for Sale

Owing to the advantage of AAC Autoclave for sale, it is widely used in many fields, for instance, high-strength gypsum, insulation materials, rubber products, high-strength glass,cement pipe pile and timber,and wood, pharmaceutical, chemical, aerospace, composite manufacturing and other industries.

The Development Prospects of Autoclave

Due to the limitations of clay brick, large quantities of clay brick manufacturers have closed down, and steamed aerated block device production process of concrete blocks as a kind of new wall material, not only to fill the gap in the market for the lack of traditional red brick, but also because of the use of fly ash as the main raw materials, will not damage the arable land, which is green environmental protection, and will solve the problem of fly ash covering an area of pollution. So Autoclave has been a trend and has got greater support from government.

AAC Autoclave Manufacturer in China

ZG Boiler as one of competitive industrial boiler manufacturers, has 70 years’ experience and we have professional technologies and high-quality products. Depending on the efforts of the staff, we have been identified by many famous international certifications:ISO, ASME, IBR. We have 102 sales offices in domestic cities where we enjoy a good reputation, and constantly exported to Southeast Asia, Central Asia , Europe and other countries and regions.

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