Development trend of coal-fired boiler

A coal-fired boiler is a boiler whose fuel is coal-fired, and refers to a thermal energy power plant that burns and emits heat by burning coal in a furnace and heats .the heat medium water or other organic heat carrier (such as thermal oil, etc.) to a certain temperature (or pressure). . Coal-fired boilers are mainly classified .according to their purpose. They are divided into coal-fired boilers (supply boiling water), coal-fired hot water boilers (heating and bathing), coal-fired steam boilers
(supply steam), coal-fired thermal oil boilers (cooking and cooking Drying) etc.


Coal-fired boilers are the traditional type of boiler. Its production technology has matured. However, in recent years, the emergence of new types of boilers has affected the development of coal-fired boilers. Because of the large amount of carbon dioxide emitted from coal-fired boilers, the thermal efficiency is lower than that of the new boilers. However, people’s awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation continues to increase, and the demand for fuel utilization is also increasing. Therefore, when selecting boilers, other types of boilers will be considered. Because the capacity of coal-fired boiler manufacturers is different, market competition is also at a relatively low level.

The future of energy-saving technologies for coal-fired boilers has great potential for development. Therefore, on the basis of its 70-year technology, Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. actively developed new boiler technologies and developed a circulating fluidized bed coal-fired boiler with wide fuel adaptability, high combustion efficiency, and low pollution emission. In Asia, Africa and many other countries received a good reputation from customers.

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