Diameter of 2.4 m autoclave

AAC Autoclave can be a bulky, heavy weight of enormous pressure vessels. Autoclave from the kettle body, kettle cover, bearing, valves instrumentation and safety accessories and also the inner laying rails, steam distribution pipe. Kettle cover special steel pressure vessel using Q345R compression molding, autoclave pressure vessel body with Q345R special steel roll formed; kettle cover,the complete kettle flange forging by the 16Mn, the overall heat treatment after machining using CNC, eliminating stress and welding forging stress. And secondary finishing, fully guaranteed autoclave door switch light and versatile. Built with an extensive manual and automatic safety interlocks to be sure the autoclave operation and safe operation.
     To enhance  AAC autoclave production systems automation, intelligent, my company independently developed hydraulic (pneumatic) power Open the doorway autoclave and automatic hydraulic (pneumatic) Open the door autoclave, pressure inside the reactor might be configured to automatically control system, autoclave and also the autoclave door frequent lowering and raising movements of the pressure fully automated, reducing labor costs, improve security, increase steam raising the standard of products.
    AAC Autoclave  is widespread, widespread in aerated concrete block, pipe, sand-lime brick, fly ash bricks, porous calcium silicate board, new lightweight wall materials, asbestos insulation, high strength gypsum and other buildings autoclave curing the information from the autoclave complete CaO-SiO2-H2O hydrothermal reaction. Also trusted in rubber products, wood drying and preservative treatment, heavy metal and rock smelting, kerosene seepage invasion firebrick, glass steam curing, questionable treatment chemical products, food high pressure processing, pulp cooking, cable vulcanization, fishnet stereotypes together with chemical, pharmaceutical , aerospace industry, insulation materials, textile workers, military and other needs pressure steam curing means of production.

   2.4 meters in diameter autoclave is my company for standard brick production areas developed a device; standard bricks inside production process, it is able to make best use of space ratio, greatly improving production efficiency, saving production costs, it is suitable for standard brick manufacturers choose. 

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