Foaming machine using steam boiler

Foam foaming machine using steam boiler is usually below 10 ton capacity. In that such capacity limitation, ZG Boiler recommend that oil gas fired steam boiler and biomass fired boiler. Both two types of boiler are belongs to the boiler which directly use clean energy as the fuel, and has the advantages of high efficiency and environmental protection. Foaming machine steam boiler can chose the types of WNS steam boiler, SZS steam boiler, biomass fired packaged steam boiler, etc. The specific model according to the need of the customers and the operation field situation.

The final product of foaming machine is foam, and what we need in the foam production process is also foam. The quality of foam is critical to foaming machine performance. And the steam boiler is the biggest guarantee to ensure the foaming machine operation.


As for two types of steam boilers used for foaming machine. Oil and gas fired boiler’s new design of optimization design software, compact structure is in the leading level of the world boiler industry. This type of boiler adopt mechanical and electrical integration structure, has elegant appearance, compact structure, small floor coverage, easy to transport, less investment in infrastructure. And biomass fired boiler as a new type of environmental protection boiler, which can continuously worked for a long time and is a high efficiency, energy-saving and environmental-friendly product. Both of them according to the idea of energy saving.

Manufacturer of steam boiler

As a professional steam boiler and hot water boiler manufacturer, we have passed ISO 9001 and ASME certification. Steam boilers are used for foaming machine have obtained Class A Boiler Designing and Manufacturing License. Steam boiler can produce a large amount of high temperature steam for the foaming machine steaming and processing. If you want to know more about foaming machine steam boilers, please contact us. 

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