Fourth generation circulating fluidized bed boiler

The SHX series circulating fluidized bed boiler is the fourth generation of internal circulating fluidized bed steam boiler developed by Zhengzhou Boiler Group. It can burn inferior fuel such as anthracite, lean coal, bituminous coal, coal gangue, chain slag, gas slag, and sulfur-containing highland fuel. And can meet environmental requirements. The separator adopts a membrane wall to form a separator skeleton, and the structure is stable. The combustion device adopts a hood and a porous form to make the cloth uniform and the fluidization quality is uniform and stable. By adding limestone to the boiler, the concentration of sulfur dioxide can be significantly reduced and environmental requirements can be met. The boiler combustion chamber and the vortex separator are composed of a membrane type water-cooling wall, the vortex separator is located at the upper part of the combustion chamber, and the return device is arranged on the left side of the furnace. All the small particles in the furnace with the terminal speed less than the flue gas velocity move upward with the flue gas. After entering the cyclone separator, the particles larger than the cutting particle size are separated, and the material seal is formed in the return channel, and then the membrane porous semi-self-flowing is sent back. The device is sent to the furnace and mixed with the hot bed material for repeated cycle combustion.

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The unique structure design of the boiler separator, the membrane wall absorbs heat to the inner liner, allows the residual carbon in the flue gas to continue to burn in the separator, does not cause coking, and improves the separation efficiency. The patented design of the boiler returning device adopts the patented wall-type porous semi-autogenous returning device of the membrane water wall technology, and the returning material is uniform and smooth; the returning device adopts the patented technology wall-type multi-space semi-automatic returning device, and the returning material is uniform. Boiler buried pipe anti-wear design, the buried pipe adopts special angle and size anti-wear ribs to prevent the wear of the buried pipe. After the boiler runs for a period of time (usually more than one year), it can take measures such as repair welding and anti-wear ribs. Unlimited extension of the life of the buried pipe.

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