How about biomass fuel?

Biomass pellet fuel consists of straw, straw, rice hulls, bagasse, corn cob, oil tea husks, cottonseed hulls, and other processed block-type environmental protection new energy. The diameter of biomass particles is generally 6-10 mm.
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1. Biomass fuel has a large calorific value, and the calorific value is about 3900-4800 kcal/kg, and the calorific value after carbonization is as high as 7000-8000 kcal/kg.
2. Biomass  fuel is of high purity, free from other impurities that do not generate heat, its carbon content is 75-85%, ash 3-6%, moisture content 1-3%, absolutely no coal gangue, stone, etc. Heat that does not generate heat instead of impurities will directly reduce costs for the company.
3. Biomass  fuels do not contain sulfur phosphorus, do not corrode boilers, and can extend the service life of boilers. Enterprises will benefit greatly.
4. As the biomass fuel does not contain phosphorous sulphide, sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide will not be produced during combustion, so it will not cause acid rain, pollute the atmosphere, and do not pollute the environment.
5. Biomass  fuel is clean and hygienic, convenient for feeding materials, reducing the labor intensity of workers, and greatly improving the labor environment. Enterprises will reduce the labor cost.
6. After combustion of biomass, there will be very little ash, which will greatly reduce the site for stacking coal mines and reduce the cost of excreting.
7. After the combustion of biomass, the high-quality organic potash with high quality can be recycled.
8. Biomass pellet fuel is the renewable energy that nature has given us. It responds to international calls and creates a conservation society.

Biomass pellets are very viable as fuel for biomass boilers. The biomass boiler produced by the Zhengzhou Boiler Group is very popular with the country because its advanced technology can bring good benefits to the company.

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