How much water a 2 ton heating boiler required?

Based on the characteristics that heating boilers provide heat resource for buildings, a heating requirement model of heat supply objects in a heat supply system is analyzed. 2 ton heating boiler water consumption is difference for different heating system. For example, the common floor heating boiler and radiator heating boiler almost same in water consumption.

Take for 1 ton heating boiler for granted, 1 ton heating boiler release 600,000 calories, 1 litre of water heating 1 degree need to use 1 calories, then 600,000 divided by water temperature is the water consumption. So from this we can see that, no matter the 2 ton heating boiler or the other capacity heating boiler, it is necessary for users to calculate water consumption.

2 ton boilers are manufactured by ZG Boiler is usually oil and gas fired boiler. 2 ton boiler heating area is 20,000 ㎡. It is excellent to choose small capacity boiler for its small occupation, bigger output and high efficiency.

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Supplier of 2 ton boiler

ZG Boiler has been supplying and manufacturing 2 ton boilers for almost seven decades. The 2 ton boiler including 2 ton steam boiler and 2 ton hot water boiler. both of them can be widely applied in industrial areas and heating.

For hot water purpose, 2 ton hot water boiler supplying hot water for laundry room, slaughter house, hotel, swimming pool, restaurant and other areas. While for steam purpose, 2 ton steam boiler can produce high temperature steam for printing industry, printing process, paper making, chemical industry and other industry steaming and manufacturing. No matter steam boiler or hot water boiler, the water consumption is necessary to know. 

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