How to do when steam boiler leakage?

    Steam boilers are special equipment with special operating specifications. Proper operation will directly affect the life of the boiler, which is why some steam boilers have a short service life, but some can achieve a long service life and ensure great benefits. In the case of boiler leakage caused by severe corrosion of the boiler pipe, this situation is basically caused by improper operation of the boiler.

coal steam boiler

First, the cause:

1. The boiler feed water does not have oxygen removal. The high oxygen content in the water causes the oxygen to escape in the boiler operation and cause corrosion in the gas space.

2, improper daily operation, when the furnace is shut down, the water supply valve or the main pipeline steam valve is not closed in time, causing the air to enter the furnace, so that when the pressure is increased again, the invading oxygen is not removed in time, so that the oxygen is caused in a hot and humid environment. Long-term corrosion perforation of the pipe.

Second, the standard operation:

1. The boiler feed water is deoxidized according to the requirements of GB1576-2008 to reduce the oxygen content.

2. When the furnace is shut down, stop the boiler when the boiler is at a normal high water level and normal pressure, then close the inlet valve and the main air valve to prevent outside air from invading the furnace.

3. When starting the furnace, first open the main air valve for exhausting. When the pressure reaches 0.1-0.15MPa, close the main air valve to remove the air in the furnace, and then open the main air valve to supply air when the rated working pressure is reached.

4. Strengthen valve maintenance and maintain rigor.

    The above is only a preliminary analysis. If you want to know the specific situation or you wanna purchace steam boiler in ZBG, you are welcome to consult ZBG online according to actual needs!We will provide you with boiler details and a quotation for you to choose from as soon as possible.
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