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ZG is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial autoclaves and steam boilers for the construction industries(AAC block plant), wood treatment, concrete piles, etc. Industrial autoclave designed to meet the needs of those who demand high-performance at low operating costs. We have been in business for more than 60 years and are the recognized leader in industrial autoclave and control system technology. In recent years, ZG have exported autoclaves to many countries, such as Philippines, India, Pakistan, Russia.

What is Industrial autoclaves

Industrial autoclaves are pressure vessels used to process parts and materials which require exposure to elevated pressure and temperature. The manufacture of high-performance components from advanced composites often requires autoclave processing.

Industrial autoclave in Philippines

Industrial autoclaves typical uses Philippines

While the industrial autoclave is not as ubiquitous as the oven, it is typically used in a number of classes of application. Since rubber vulcanizing cannot be done in an air atmosphere, steam is used, and this mandates a pressure vessel of suitable capability. This is a batch process, thus a fast-acting door is necessary. The only practicable means of accomplishing this is an autoclave, and many are used in the rubber products industry. The manufacture of pressure-treated wood may require autoclaves. The sterilization of waste products is yet another application of steam autoclaves.

The aerospace industry manufactures small numbers of very expensive products and is thus able to afford the high capital and unit operating costs of autoclaves. Typically, this entails applying carefully controlled levels of heat and pressure to parts and assemblies. The curing of composites requires compacting the piles of material, pressing this material against the mold, forcing out volatiles and excess resin, and holding everything motionless during the entire cure cycle. In structural adhesive bonding, the autoclave forces the parts together and holds them while the adhesive cures. Unlike a press, the autoclave applies pressure uniformly, irrespective of the shape of the workload.

AAC Concrete Autoclaves are used to cure AAC using live steam. These autoclaves are usually very long in order to accommodate rail-car loading techniques and large part loads. ZG is one of manufacturers of AAC concrete autoclaves in Philippines.


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