Introduction to chain grate wood pellet fired steam boiler

The Technical Feature of Chain Wood Pellet Fired Steam Boiler

1. Our biomass wood pellet fired steam boiler is equipped with horizontal chain grate boiler, large heated area, high heat efficiency, compact structure and fast booting.
2. This biomass pellet fired steam boiler is one type of biomass fired boiler and is adaptive for biomass fuel and with low air pollution.
3. Equipped with frequency control feeding device to make it more work reliably, energy saving and easy maintenance.
4. The dryness of high quality steam is more than 96%,
5. Installed with multiple safety control system, including pressure, temperature and water level.
6. Equipped with advanced integrated auto control system which can be operated easily.

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Chain grate wood pellet fired steam boiler can burn any shape and size of biomass raw material. It is widely applied to textile, apparel manufacturing, food processing industry, schools, hospitals, hotel, restaurants, petrochemical industrial, clothing iron, plating heating etc.


1. Can burn any shape and size of biomass
2. Environmental protection and every-saving
3. Thermal efficiency is more than 90%
4. Intelligent control system

Auxiliary Equipment:

1. A set of matched valve
2. Induced draft fan
3. Air blower
4. Electric feed water pump
5. Electric control cabinet
6. Fire grate governor box
7. Secondary air fan
8. Slag extractor
9. Feeder
10. Economizer
11. Water treatment
12. Steam distributor
13. Sampling device
14. Cyclone dust collector
15. Chimney Optional
16. Water film separator
17. Air pre-heater
18. Conveyor



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