SZL Chain Grate Biomass Fired Steam Boiler

ZG Boiler is one of the leading China SZL double drums horizontal chain grate biomass-fired boiler manufacturers and suppliers, we are selling energy-saving and environmental SZL double drums horizontal chain grate biomass-fired steam boiler, sawdust pellet steam boiler, wood pellets fired boiler, double drum biomass-fired boiler.

ZG SZL Chain Grate Biomass fired Steam Boiler

ZG SZL packaged biomass fired steam boiler is the double-cylinder, water-tube assembly, chain grate boiler. Two cylinders are laid at the upper and lower level of boiler longitudinally along the center. Front section of the upper cylinder and water-cooled tubes at side walls form the radiation-heating area in the hearth. While the rear section and tube bank in the lower cylinder serve as convection-heating area, the coal economizer is mounted at the rear of boiler. Some heat of hot combustion fume is absorbed by the hearth, then hot combustion heat flows to the convection heating area through cooling chamber and exhausts outside through the chimney via coal economizer, dust collector and draught fan.

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1. Compact structure, small installation space, single-floor boiler room, cost-effective investment in infrastructure.
2. Great assembly level, short installation period and cheap installation.
3. Heating surface is laid out adequately and reasonably, the boiler heating-up and pressure boost up quickly, strong output, high thermal efficiency.
4. Introduce the air with air distribution chambers of grate. All air distribution chambers can adjust the air flow independently and grate speed can be regulated in the stepless way. It could be used by wide range of applicable coals and could burn thoroughly.
5. The hopper adopts the lock feeder structure, equipped with secondary air to effectively prevent backdraft of flame. The large furnace cavity and secondary air assisting in combustion are adopted for high efficiency.
6. Electrical cabinet is equipped with complete automatic control and monitor instruments with high automation, safety, reliability and easy operation.

Our top level China factory is able to produce cheap SZL double drums horizontal chain grate biomass-fired steam boiler with good quality. If you are looking for mainland or checking price, please feel free to contact us, we have products for sale, and you can also wholesale products from us. What’s more, our boilers have been exported to South-East, Africa, Europe, etc. Such as DZL chain great steam boiler for sale.


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