Sinter cooler waste heat boiler

The sintering cooler waste heat boiler is a flue gas heating waste heat boiler that recovers the tailings of the sintering machine tailings and the sealed section of the sintering cooler during the steel production process to recover the low temperature waste heat energy. Combined with the low temperature waste heat power generation technology, the waste heat boiler's superheated steam is used to promote low The latest set of technologies for the generation of power generation by turbine generator sets. The energy consumption of the sintering process accounts for about 10% of the total energy consumption, second only to the ironmaking process. In the total energy consumption of the sintering process, nearly 50% of the heat energy is recovered by the sinter heat of the sintering cooler and the sensible heat of the cooler exhaust.

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The vertical waste heat boiler developed by the Zhengzhou Boiler Group for residual heat flue gas from sintering coolers in the iron and steel industry has successfully solved the problems of dust accumulation, wear, and air leakage that have plagued waste heat boilers. At the same time, the waste heat boiler has been used for flue gas temperature and flue gas dust. Has a certain degree of adaptability. The use of modified waste heat boilers can reduce the energy consumption of the sintering process, promote resource conservation, reduce the unit price of the product, and enable enterprises to have a competitive advantage.

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