The advantages of AAC block plant

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to thermal rating, AAC block plants are ahead of the substitutes. The blocks are walling material of choice now in LEED certified constructions. Usage of AAC blocks in India may result in averting 200mn tones of CO2 emissions into environment. This translates into a saving of $20 Billion every year.

Cost saving in the execution

AAC block plants manufactured by ZG Boiler weigh almost 80% less than conventional bricks. This means that the deadweight of the structure is considerably reduced. The savings can be almost 30% which can be increased even more by using ZG Boiler Bond for joining block. In place of cement plaster, ZG Boiler should be used. As ZG Boiler requires curing time of just 2 hours compared to a week of cement, the water consumption and turnaround time is considerably reduced. Inner structures of AAC block plants have the same insulation and strength as clay bricks increasing the overall carpet area of the structure.

Light weight

Presence of uniform air pockets in AAC block plants results in significantly less weight compared to the clay bricks. This leads to not only lower costs in transportation but also in lower dead weight of the structure and hence contributing to lower requirement for steel and cement in building the structure.

High strength

AAC block plants have the compressive strength in the range of 3.5-4N/m2 compared to clay bricks that have just 2.5-3N/m2. The blocks can be efficiently used as a building material for hospitals, schools, high-rises and other structures.

Pest Resistant

As the construction material is devoid of organic content, AAC provides superb resistance against common pests and even molds.

Water Barrier

The macro pores in AAC structure are uniformly spread all over the blocks. Capillary action is blocked by these pores and absorption of water in AAC block plants is minimal. Regarding water seepage and absorption, AAC block plants are simply excellent.

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