The advantages of biomass boilers

 As society's demand for energy grows, fossil fuels, the main source of energy, are rapidly declining. Therefore, finding a renewable alternative energy source has become the focus of widespread concern in society.

Biomass energy is an ideal renewable energy source. It has a wide range of sources. In the current world energy consumption, biomass energy consumption accounts for 14% of the world's total energy consumption, ranking second only to oil, coal and natural gas. 
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Biomass fuel characteristics

1. Wide application: Biomass fuel can be widely used in urban heating, heating systems, thermal power plants, steel, cement, coal mining industry.
2. Low cost: The cost of biomass boiler is about 1/2 of that of oil-fired boiler and 3/4 of gas-fired boiler. Biomass fuel is a clean energy source that is strongly advocated by the state and has broad market space.
3. Green energy Clean and environmental protection: burning smokeless, tasteless, clean and environmentally friendly, its sulfur content, ash content, nitrogen content, etc. are much lower than coal, oil, etc. It is an environmentally friendly clean energy and enjoys the reputation of “green coal”.

Analysis of the difference between biomass fuel and coal

1, density comparison. The density of biomass fuel is small, obviously lower than that of coal, the texture is relatively loose, and it is easy to burn out. The amount of carbon remaining in the ash is less than the carbon content in the coal ash.
2. Comparison of sulfur content. Biomass fuels have low sulfur content, mostly less than 0.2%, and produce less harmful substances.
3. The CO2 released by biomass is very low, which is considered to be zero CO2 emissions compared to coal-fired boilers.
4. Biomass burned ash can produce fertilizer, waste can be recycled, and fossil fuel coal is difficult to do.
5. Biomass waste reduction, harmless and resource utilization can be realized by biomass burning.

Advantages of biomass boilers of ZBG

10 tons of biomass boilers can reduce the consumption of standard coal by about 1100kg per hour compared to coal burning;
A 10 ton biomass boiler can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by approximately 1600 g per hour compared to coal combustion;
A 75-ton biomass boiler can reduce the use of approximately 9,000 kg of standard coal per hour compared to coal combustion;
A 75-ton biomass boiler can reduce NOx emissions by 10,000-20,000 g per hour compared to coal.
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