The difference between fire tube boiler and water tube boiler

 In ZBG,there are fire tube boiler range from 1-20ton and water tube boiler range from 4-90 ton.Many customers are confused with the difference between them and don't know which is better to choose.In simple words,Water tube boiler means water flows inside the tube and fire outside the tube.And fire tube boiler means hot gases flows inside the tube and water circulated outside the tube.

fire tube boiler

The most common difference between the two is:
1,Water tube boiler has small tubes through which water passes due to natural circulation and outside these tubes passes combustion gases from furnace which converts water into steam.
2,Rate of evaporation is faster in these boilers because of large heat surface area provided by small tubes.
3,These boilers have working pressure 7–235 bar that's why these are called high pressure boilers.
4,Fire tube boiler on the contrast , have comparatively bigger and lesser tubes which allow the passage of flue gases of combustion and the boiler is filled with water.
5,The rate of evaporation of slower than water tube boiler.
6,These boilers are generally provided with Composit arrangement where flue gases from both engine and boiler furnace are led through the tubes.
7,These boilers have a pressure range 7–25 bar and called low pressure boilers.
water tube boiler
Does the article answer your doubts about fire tube and water tube boiler?Any question,contact us,plz.We will provide Accurate answer and high quality boilers for you.

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