The difference between water tube boiler and fire tube boiler

Water pipes and fire pipes are defined by different media inside the pipe. The water pipe is the water flowing inside the pipe. The convection/radiation heat exchange of the external flue gas heats the water in the pipe. The fire pipe is the flue gas inside the pipe and the flue gas is heated. The medium outside the tube realizes heat exchange. The fire tube boiler has simple structure, large volume of water and steam, good adaptability to load variation, lower water quality than water tube boiler, and is mostly used in small-scale enterprise production processes and life heating. The heating surface of the water tube boiler is conveniently arranged and has good heat transfer performance. The structure can be used for large capacity and high parameter conditions. However, higher requirements are placed on water quality and operation levels.


(1) The water pipe boiler has a wide range of pressure adaptability, can break through the pressure limit, and can meet the steam supply requirement of over 2.5MPa. Fire tube boilers are limited by wall thickness and pressure and are used below 2.5 MPa pressure.

(2) Fire tube boilers are shell-type boilers, which are limited by the equipment and fixtures of each boiler manufacturer. It is difficult to make too large a fire tube boiler, usually below 35t/h. Boiler boilers can increase the size of boilers, and boilers above 35t/h usually use water pipe structures.

(3) The fire tube boiler has the characteristics of compact structure. Under the same output, the appearance and equipment weight are lower than the water tube boiler. Due to the large volume of the water tube boiler, there is more space for the arrangement of the superheater, so the water tube boiler occupies a relatively large boiler room.

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