The feasibility of biomass boiler

As we all know, environmental issues have become more and more important issues that we need to pay attention to. Therefore, we should also make changes in the industrial field. It is our responsibility to reduce the emission of harmful gases and make full use of resources. So biomass boilers came into being.

Biomass boiler

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According to the characteristics of straw biomass, Zhengzhou Boiler Group has developed a biomass boiler adapted to straw biomass to avoid or solve the problem of fouling or slagging in the process of biomass combustion and heat exchange. The emission of flue gas meets the relevant emission standards. The low carbon content of ash residues can realize the comprehensive utilization of fly ash and have high economic and social benefits.

Biomass boiler fuel

The environmental pollution caused by coal-fired industrial boilers is very serious. In order to protect the environment, a large number of industrial boilers need to use clean energy. Biomass boilers, with their low price and operating costs, can bring more benefits. Biomass pellet fuel uses straw, rice straw, sawdust, peanut shells, melon seeds shells, beetroot, bark, and other waste crops. After being pulverized, mixed, extruded, and dried, it is finally made into granular fuel. As a fuel for boilers, it has a long burning time and a high combustion furnace temperature.  At the same time, It has zero CO emissions and zero SO emissions. It's a renewable energy source and can be recycled. It can replace wood, coal, natural gas. The operating cost is only half of the gas. A large number of raw materials produced by agriculture provide a strong material guarantee for the promotion of biomass boilers. It can not only solve the problem of burning straw by farmers, but also make full use of resources. Burned ash is a very good fertilizer,  it is a multi-purpose move.

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