The hazard of oxygen corrosion in steam boilers

    Nowadays, steam boilers are widely used in various fields. However, the use of steam boilers for a long time will cause oxygen corrosion. Although the current anti-corrosion technology and control of boiler pollution have improved, the oxygen corrosion problem of steam boilers has been improved to some extent. However, oxygen corrosion has not yet been fundamentally solved.

    From the regular inspection and inspection of a large number of data reports, steam boiler users do not perform oxygen removal according to the requirements of GB1576-85, can not effectively control the water supply and pot water indicators, boiler operation mode is unreasonable, its own structural defects, Boiler maintenance can not keep up, etc., will lead to serious oxygen corrosion of the stressed parts of the heating surface of the boiler.

    According to statistics, the number of oxygen corrosion boilers in different degrees accounts for about 10% of the total. In the 10% of the boilers, the lighter makes the wall thickness of the stressed parts thinner, which reduces the service life of the boiler. The heavy components make the components unable to meet the strength requirements, need to be repaired or scrapped in advance, and more serious directly threaten people's Life and property security.

    Therefore, remind the boiler users to deoxidize according to the oxygen removal requirements, and regularly and regularly maintain the boiler, so as to maximize the life of the steam boiler and improve the boiler operating efficiency.
ZBG Gas Steam boiler
Capacity : 1-20Ton/1.4-14MW
Pressure ≤1.6MPa
Fuel type:Natural Gas,Biogas,Light Oil,Diesel Oil
Application:Textile plant,Heating Supply,Hotel, Food & Beverage,Garment Manufacturing
Advantages of gas steam boiler in ZBG
1.High thermal efficiency and lower cost
2.High reliability, low maintenance cost
3.Lower NOx Emission
4.Short installation period, save space
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