The latest developed steam curing autoclave

 The latest developed steam curing autoclave

The steam curing autoclve made in china
Over many years, ZG have designed and manufactured autoclave systems for the steam curing industry including rubber rollers, tyre re treading, and industrial drum lining, food steam curing. Lately we now have worked alongside an experienced professional rubber roller company, Rollertech Ltd, allowing our partnership use a wide range of autoclave systems in order to meet the requirements of the rubber industry. Recently ZG has developed a new kind of steam curing autoclave.
You can expect horizontally orientated machines which can be individually engineered for easy integration into every customer’s production facility. Our rubber curing systems of the industrial steam autoclave are equipped for batch processing, currently adaptable loading systems which make the handling and transfer of heavy component parts simple and easy and efficient.
The advantages of the steam curing autoclave:
Besides the latest developed steam curing autoclve has such features: 
1. Longer service life.
2. To kettle cover - head butt, head - butt-welding puzzle, kettle - kettle body butt-welding flange ring becoming a 100% inspection with 100% annealing.
3. Using automatic welding processes.
4. Advanced design, pipeline operations, stable quality and high efficiency.
5. Products can be segmented to adapt to users’ needs; good overall package , short installation period, low investment.
6. Best service and remote technical guidance available.

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