The latest emission standards of biomass fired chain grate boiler

Biomass fired chain grate boilers are mainly DZL packaged biomass fired boiler and corner tube biomass fired boiler. The environment-friendly boiler has been caught people’s attention in recent years. There is no difference of the latest emission standard of biomass fired chain grate boiler and biomass fired CFB boiler. Both of them according to the common emission standard.

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Gas emissions, SO2≤100mg / m3, dust ≤100mg / m3
Solid emissions, fuel containing fiber content of about 70%
Sulfur and chlorine content of sulfur is less than 1/10,
The carbon content of the sulfur content less than 0.07%
Nitrogen content of less than 0.5%;

Single output over 65 t/h power station boiler is adopted sugar cane bagasse, sawdust, bark and other biomass fuel refer to "thermal power plant air pollutant emission standards" (GB13223-2003) provisions of the comprehensive utilization of resources thermal power boiler pollutant control requirements for execution. The local discharge standards and strict in national standard, implement the local discharge standards; The combustion equipment introduced from abroad project under the premise that meet emission standards in our country, and its pollutant discharge limits should reach the introduction of equipment operation value of pollution control facilities design requirements.

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