The technology features of industrial autoclave

 Industrial autoclave produced by ZG is carefully designed and manufactured on the basis of fully absorbing the benefits of similar products at home and abroad and according to china’s rules and standards related to pressure vessel, makes the finite element analysis and calculation on the major pressure components of the industrial autoclave, therefore insure safe and reliable operation of the industrial autoclave.

The industrial autoclave is steel horizontal cylinder type device, kettle covers and cylinder are made of Q345R steel plate to suppress/roll formed, kettle cover flange, kettle body flange use 16 Mn to be forgi the main seam are 100% welded, apply 100%X- ray detection, use computer controlled natural gas furnace to operate on overall heat treatment process for the eliminantion of weld residual stress and kettle head forging stress, this is at the leading position in china.
The kettle door is movable quickly opening structure. It is relying on the hand speed and reducer to open or close,can also use electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and hoist according to user’s requirements. It is equipped with completed manual and automatic safety interlock and protection devices, avoid the hidden dangers of misusing maximumly, and ensure the safe operation of the industrial autoclave reactor and safety of operational personnel. Kettle door and opening is in the two forms of side opening and top opening for users to choose. Side opening uses door opening structure of rotating arm, it has the characteristics of flexible rotation, low operation and simple and convenient operation,the top is equipped with weigh equipment, this type has the benefits of the open light weight, small footprint of reactor side. 
Kettle door sealing uses of imported rubber seals of the professional manufacturers, it has the benefits of simple installation,good sealing and long service life. 

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