Top aac autoclave manufacturer in the world

ZG as one of the top AAC autoclave manufacturers in the world, engaged in research and production of industrial autoclave and other high pressure vessels up to 70 years, and manufactures many types of autoclaves systems for the thermal processing and bonding industries world wide.

Application of industrial autoclave for sale

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Industrial AAC autoclave is key equipment which has a widely application in building material factory to autoclave cure different kinds of building materials. The autoclave also used in rubber products, wood drying and preservative treatment, heavy metal smelting, coal oil seepage firebrick invasion, consistent glass steam curing, high pressure treatment chemical products, canned food high pressure processing etc.

Advantages of ZG industrial autoclave

1, ZG AAC autoclave and its components were taken ANSYS finite element analysis, to ensure safe and reliable and longer life autoclave performance.
2, a number of national patents on autoclave automatic door opening, which relate to automatic operation, positioning adjustment, safety interlock systems, to ensure that the equipment during operations efficient, safe and convenient;
3, the autoclave cover reactor head and flange butt welds adopt double-sided automatic submerged arc welding, and 100% testing and the overall heat treatment after welding, eliminating forging stress and welding stress. The welding and heat treatment process at the absolute leading position in the domestic autoclave production field.
4, with automatic, intelligent steam curing system, reduce labor costs, improve security and quality of steam-cured products.


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