What are the advantages of vacuum hot water heating boiler?

Most countries usually use oil gas fired boiler and coal fired boiler for heating in winter. But most enterprises in order to improve the life of the boiler and save cost, they often choose vacuum hot water boiler instead of oil gas fired boiler and coal fired boiler, why? What are the unique advantages of vacuum heating boiler?

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1. The boiler can be placed in the basement, on the roof, in the green belts for its small floor coverage.
2. Safe and reliable, no danger of explosion.
3. No annual inspection. The vacuum phase-change hot water boiler do not need that according to the provisions of the state, it reduces some unnecessary spending and trouble for the small enterprise.
4. Boiler can implement multiple loops district heating, and high thermal efficiency.
5. Long service life, the service life of ordinary industrial hot water boiler is about 8-10 years, because there is no scale formation in the vacuum hot water boiler, its service life is 1.5to 2 times as much as that of ordinary ones.

In addition, vacuum heating hot water boilers are manufactured by ZG Boiler simply need the occasional supervision and observation of personnel, please browse its webpage or consult us for more details! 

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