What happens when a boiler is operated above its capacity?

 One of the biggest risks for all boilers is loss of steam purity from carryover. If you run a boiler too hard, you will get carryover of the boiler water into the steam. This can damage some types of equipment and can lead to very dangerous failures of steam lines, usually from caustic stress corrosion cracking.

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In natural circulation water tube boilers, you may have an additional risk of disturbing the circulation of the boiler. This can lead to overheat tube failures directly or to scaling that causes overheat failures or to corrosion from wick boiling will lead to caustic corrosion failures.
The most appropriate thing to do if you want to run a boiler above it’s gwneration capacity is to engage the manufacturer. For large field erected boilers, a computer circulation analysis simulation may be done and modifications may be made. These modifications may be things like installing better water separation equipment or installing different tubes ( larger tubes or sometimes ribbed or riffled tubes ).
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