What is the correct starting step for the gas boiler?

    With the rapid development of national energy conservation and environmental protection, traditional coal-fired boilers are no longer suitable for the needs of the era, gas boilers have been loved, as a special equipment, gas boilers in operation to ensure safety, the need to pay attention to the boiler launch process .

What is the accurate starting process of the gas boiler?
gas boiler
According to the introduction of the gas boiler manufacturer, the gas boiler starting requirements are carried out in accordance with the operating procedures. The following is an accurate analysis of the gas boiler startup process:

1. Turn the main power supply on and start the gas incinerator. When the venting valve on the drum is completely steam, turn it off.

2, look at the gas boiler manhole, hand hole flange and valve, found that the leak is tightened, such as leakage after tightening, stop the furnace maintenance.

3. When the gas pressure of the gas boiler rises from 0.05 to 0.1 MPA, replenish water and discharge the sewage, check the experimental water supply system and sewage equipment, and flush the water level table together.

4. When the gas pressure of the gas boiler rises to 0.1~0.15MPA, flush the pressure gauge water trap; when the gas pressure of the gas boiler rises to 0.3MPA, the “load fire/small fire” knob is turned to the “big fire” to strengthen the incineration. When the air pressure rises to 2/3 operating pressure, open the warm pipe to supply air, slowly open the main steam valve to prevent water hammer

5. When the drain valve is completely steam, turn it off. After all the drain valves are closed, slowly open the main air valve to fully open, then reverse half a turn, and the gas incinerator controls the knob to rotate to the automatic gear.
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