Wood fired steam boiler for milk processing

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Wood as a new type energy saving biomass fuel for industrial biomass fired boiler, which can be used in major industry plant and mill. We will introduce wood steam boiler used in milk industry processing for drying milk powder in this article.

Wood fired steam boiler for milk processing

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Raw milk is processed into a wide variety of dairy products which include: pasteurized milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt. In the modern dairy, steam produced by wood fired steam boiler is used in a variety of processes to promote chemical reactions and physical changes in raw milk and to help maintain clean, sterile conditions. Steam is an efficient carrier of heat.

It is produced in the steam boiler fire wood and carried to the dairy processing plant by a pipework distribution system. At each process steam transfers its heat and condenses back to condensate.

Wood fired steam boiler provide high temperature steam is used in the dairy for indirect heating, direct heating and sterilization processes. It is essential that in all of these applications high quality steam is available at the correct temperature and pressure. A fire-tube boiler with a moving grate bed was the recommended wood technology here. 

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