ZBG biomass chain grate boiler - a model for alternative energy applications

 With the increasing emphasis on environmental issues, high-pollution coal-fired boilers have been continuously rectified, and more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly biomass boilers have ushered in broad prospects for development. Due to its own characteristics of environmental protection, sustainability and economy, biomass energy has been increasingly valued and promoted by countries all over the world.

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Equipment recommendation
As a professional boiler equipment supplier, ZBG is unique in the research and development of biomass boilers. In view of the characteristics of biomass energy such as straw, bagasse and rice husk, our company has developed a chain grate boiler that adapts to various biomass fuels to avoid or solve the problem of ash accumulation and slagging in biomass combustion and heat transfer. .
At present, ZBG Biomass Chain Grate Boiler has formed four series of DZL, SZL, DHL, SHL industrial boilers and ZG series power generation boilers, which are widely used in power generation, industrial production, central heating and other fields. The advanced arch design, original membrane water wall structure, special GEF slag removal technology, and reasonable grate sealing structure have made the performance of the ZBG biomass chain grate boiler superior to the industry.
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