An annual output of 200,000 cubic meters AAC plant cost budget

Autoclave for AAC plant

An annual output of 200,000 cubic meters AAC plant include workshop construction, equipment purchase.

200,000 m3 AAC plant need 4000㎡ production plant area, Production equipment with a total installed capacity of 900 kw. Plant environmental requirements necessary to ensure ventilation and lighting around the site should maintain a good environment and facilitate transport of raw materials and products in and out. According to the case of production and marketing, we should be reserved for certain space for finished products as stacking area. Liquidity daily production is about 150 million.

No. Name Description Price (million)
1 Equipment Equipment valuation (standard) 900
Equipment installation and commissioning (equipment prices 7%) 63
Total 963
2 Equipment hoisting Transport and hoisting 45
3 Equipment design Planning and Design (Design Institute Seal) 36
4 building projects Plant construction area of ​​about 4,000 ㎡ 220
5 The power supply Substation and workshop cable 80
6 auxiliary material Track, pipeline, equipment support, valves, etc. 107
7 Special equipment installation and inspection Autoclave, steam pipe installation and inspection 50
8 Management  The total package management 30
9 Others Office equipment, laboratory equipment,etc 50
10 The estimated total project investment 1581

The above is about the an annual 200,000 cubic meters autoclaved aerated concrete block production line price budget, for more information welcome to contact online service.

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