boiler selection in the textile industry

The textile industry includes garment factories, chemical fiber mills, sizing mills, cotton textile mills, printing and dyeing plants. The production of these enterprises is inseparable from the boiler to provide steam. The quality of the steam boiler steam outlet has a decisive effect on the quality of clothing after dyeing and drying, and the consumption of steam boiler fuel in the textile industry is generally relatively large, so at home and abroad Choosing a steam boiler for a textile mill can not only effectively improve the textile quality of textile companies, increase production efficiency, but also reduce labor costs and operating costs of steam boilers.

The SZL type chain grate coal-fired boiler has high efficiency, strong overload capacity, and wide adaptability of coal types. The upper and lower drums are arranged vertically and the combustion equipment is a chain-and-link chain grate, driven by a continuously variable transmission. A Φ51*3 pipe is arranged in the combustion chamber to form a water wall. The upper drum is equipped with a steam separation and continuous sewage discharge device. The lower drum is equipped with a regular sewage discharge device to ensure the steam quality. Equipped with a continuous automatic water supply device to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, it is suitable for boilers used in the textile industry.

The unique structure design of the SHX type circulating fluidized bed boiler separator, the film wall heat absorption of the liner, allowing the residual carbon in the flue gas to continue to burn in the separator, will not cause coking, improve the separation efficiency. The patented design of the loopback device adopts a membrane-type waterwall patented wall-type porous semi-autoflow loopback device to return the material uniformly. The loopback device adopts a patented wall-and-loop semi-autoflow loopback device.

Regarding the selection of boilers in the textile industry, the two most used chain grate boilers and circulating fluidized bed boilers are recommended. There are also companies that use oil-fired gas-fired boilers, and the effect is also very good. If you need to buy boiler products, you can consult our online customer service.

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