How about CFB power station boiler?

 The circulating fluidized bed power station boiler produced by the Zhengzhou Boiler Group can not only burn all kinds of coal (even industrial waste), but also has higher boiler efficiency than other boilers in the power station. It is used in thermal power plants and industrial waste heat power generation industries. Large-scale thermal equipment, combustion efficiency of about 97% to 99%, thermal efficiency of about 86% to 90%, smoke and other harmful gases in the S02 and N0x can be reduced by 80% to 90%, effectively reduce the coal-fired power generation for the atmosphere Pollution


Product advantages

1. Authoritative technical support, national patent technology

Using the new scientific and technological achievements of Tsinghua University, it has been listed as a major scientific and technological research project of the State Education Commission and the National Science and Technology Achievement Promotion Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is a boiler promoted by China.

2, a variety of fuels, wide adaptability

The boiler can not only use anthracite, bituminous coal, lignite, and lean coal, but also can use gangue, gas slag, chain slag and other inferior fuels. The carbon content of slag is generally less than 2%, and can be directly used as building materials. This type of circulating fluidized bed boiler can not only burn coal, but also can use biomass feedstock. Bamboo and wood scrap, peanut shell and corn cob can be used as raw materials.
3, a number of anti-wear design, the failure rate is very low
The buried pipe adopts anti-grinding ribs with special dimensions and angles to reduce the wear on the buried pipe. It can run continuously for a long time, and the running time can reach over 350 days in one year.
4, membrane water wall design, compact structure
The thickness of the separator liner wear-resistant material is only 80mm, the temperature difference between the internal and external surfaces is small, the internal stress of the liner material is small, the crack damage can be prevented, and the thermal inertia is small.

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