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The latest developed steam curing autoclave

Over many years, ZG have designed and manufactured autoclave systems for the steam curing industry including rubber rollers, tyre re treading, and industrial drum lining, food steam curing. Lately we now have worked alongside an experienced professional rubber roller company, Rollertech Ltd, allowing our partnership use a wide range of autoclave systems in order to meet the requirements of the rubber industry. Recently ZG has developed a new kind of steam curing autoclave.

A simple introduction of AAC autoclave

AAC Autoclave , a type of large-scale steam machine that is the crucial equipment in the AAC Plant and autoclaved brick production. The technology can not only to steam sand lime brick, fly ash brick, slag brick, aerated concrete block, cement pile and other cement products.
Our AAC Autoclave is a horizontal cylindrical device made from steel. The quality of the AAC Autoclave is a useful one, and performance is reliable. AAC Autoclave is the pressure vessel and key equipment in the output of aer

what affects the industrial autoclave price

In the AAC production, the autoclave curing is a very important step. For the investor who want to invest in this equipment, the price is the key concern for them. However what factors will influence the AAC autoclave pricer?

The aac plant for sale

Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), generally known as autoclaved cellular concrete (ACC) or autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC), was invented in the mid-1920s with the Swedish architect and inventor Johan Axel Eriksson This is a lightweight, precast building material that simultaneously provides structure, insulation, fire resistance, Construction Economy and Speed; AAC products include blocks, wall panels, floor and roof panels, and lintels.

sand lime brick autoclave for sale in china

autoclaved sand lime brick can be explained as one style of the brick which adopts sand and lime as main staple(90% sand,10% lime),adding some ratio of pigment and additive,after mixture preparation,press forming,autoclaved curing,then enter into the solid or hollow sand lime bricks.
autoclaved sand lime brick is the green wall material which top features of low energy consumption,land saving,free environment polution and utilization of solid wastes.

The technology features of industrial autoclave

Industrial autoclave produced by ZG is carefully designed and manufactured on the basis of fully absorbing the benefits of similar products at home and abroad and according to china’s rules and standards related to pressure vessel, makes the finite element analysis and calculation on the major pressure components of the industrial autoclave, therefore insure safe and reliable operation of the industrial autoclave.

Diameter of 2.4 m autoclave

Autoclave can be a bulky, heavy weight of enormous pressure vessels. Autoclave from the kettle body, kettle cover, bearing, valves instrumentation and safety accessories and also the inner laying rails, steam distribution pipe. Kettle cover special steel pressure vessel using Q345R compression molding, autoclave pressure vessel body with Q345R special steel roll formed; kettle cover,the complete kettle flange forging by the 16Mn, the overall heat treatment after machining using CNC, eliminating

An annual output of 200,000 cubic meters AAC plant cost budget

An annual output of 200,000 cubic meters AAC plant include workshop construction, equipment purchase.200,000 m3 AAC plant need 4000㎡ production plant area, Production equipment with a total installed capacity of 900 kw.

Industrial autoclave Philippines

In recent years, ZG have exported autoclaves to many countries, such as Philippines, India, Pakistan, Russia. AAC Concrete Autoclaves are used to cure AAC using live steam. These autoclaves are usually very long in order to accommodate rail-car loading techniques and large part loads. ZG is one of manufacturers of AAC concrete autoclaves in Philippines.

Autoclave for concrete pile

In Autoclaved concrete pile manufacturing process, high-pressure steam curing concrete pile in autoclave, it is a key step in the manufacture of concrete pipe pile. Concrete Piles completed hydrothermal reaction CaO-Si02-H2O in the autoclave. Concrete Piles can be divided into PTC, PC, PHC, all of these concrete piles need autoclave steam curing. Various parts autoclave were ANSYS finite element analysis to ensure safe, reliable and longer life autoclave performance.

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