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The introduction of Gas Fired Power Plant Boiler

Gas and oil fired power plant boiler has low pollution emission, fully burning and advanced energy saving devices. It is an ideal environmental-protection green

"2018 Boiler Intelligent Manufacturing and Equipment Development Seminar" Held in ZBG

Good news!On July 12th and 13th, the 2018 boiler intelligent manufacturing, process and equipment development seminar was successfully held in Zhengzhou Boiler

The advantage of WNS Oil&Gas Fire Tube Boiler

ZBG WNS gas&oil fire tube boiler is a boiler product developed in cooperation with German technology. The performance advantages are as follows:
Low cost:

Aqueous biomass fuel boiler

The water-containing biomass fuel boiler can be used for central heating sources such as urban and industrial and mining enterprises. It can supply 300,000-400,000 square meters of building area for heating, and can also be used as a thermal power plant peak boiler to regulate urban heat network operation and industrial and mining enterprises that need a large amount of process hot water. The fuel may be a molding wine cell pellet containing more water, bagasse biomass pellets, or may be produce

waste heat recovery boiler of hazardous waste incineration

Zhengzhou Boiler Group's hazardous waste heat recovery boilers and medical waste heat recovery boilers mainly have two types of water pipes and smoke pipes. According to the characteristics of the waste treatment process, the waste heat boiler plays an extremely important role in preventing the formation of dioxin-like harmful substances, and the waste heat boiler has good adaptability to waste incineration flue gas.

130 tons cfb boiler in Pakistan

Circulating fluidized bed power station boiler is a large-scale thermal energy equipment used in thermal power plants and industrial waste heat utilization power generation industry. It has enhanced combustion and heat transfer, can reduce the volume of boiler more, has strong adaptability to coal, and can burn a wide range. The coal type (even industrial waste) can reduce the main characteristics of oxide (SOX, NOX) pollution to the environment.

Fourth generation circulating fluidized bed boiler

The SHX series circulating fluidized bed boiler is the fourth generation of internal circulating fluidized bed steam boiler developed by Zhengzhou Boiler Group. It is mainly used for large-scale central heating, production of gas supply projects or heating systems for cities and enterprises. The boiler adopts a number of patented technologies, which can run continuously for a long time, and the failure rate is extremely low. The longest continuous operation time is up to 10 months, and the annua

Cost-effective circulating fluidized bed boiler

DHX circulating fluidized bed boiler is a product improved and improved by Zhengzhou Boiler Group on the basis of absorbing the advantages of circulating fluidized bed boilers at home and abroad. The boiler structure is more reasonable, the performance is better, the operation is safer and more reliable, and the operation is minimized. Equipment operation and maintenance costs.

25 ton gas fired boiler in paper mill

The gas boiler is an energy-saving and environment-friendly boiler. It is cost-effective to use in natural gas-rich Saudi Arabia. We introduce a 25-ton gas boiler used in a paper mill.

boiler selection in the textile industry

The production of the textile industry can not be separated from steam boilers to provide high quality steam. This article describes the main operating characteristics of the more used chain grate boilers and circulating fluidized bed boilers.
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