sand lime brick autoclave for sale in china

 What is sand lime brick?

autoclaved sand lime brick can be explained as one style of the brick which adopts sand and lime as main staple(90% sand,10% lime),adding some ratio of pigment and additive,after mixture preparation,press forming,autoclaved curing,then enter into the solid or hollow sand lime bricks.
autoclaved sand lime brick is the green wall material which top features of low energy consumption,land saving,free environment polution and utilization of solid wastes. It has such advantages:
Firstly,producing autoclaved sand lime bricks consume only one third energy rival the regular fired clay brick production,if we produce annual 6 billion pcs standard sand lime bricks,the force saved may be 80 thousand tons standard coal each year.
Secondly,compare to clay brick,for output of 6 billion pcs autoclaved sand lime brick yearly,we could save around 3 acres farmland.
thirdly,the autoclaved sand lime brick production line adopts wet-type production method,less waste gas with out wasted water and dust the whole production process, a key equipment is  industrial autoclave
Sand lime brick autoclave for sale
ZG engineering staff can design autoclave catering to your exact needs. Sand lime brick autoclave price in china is usually decided by many factors including the brands ,the certificates , the automatic level, as well as the door open style. In ZG , Sand lime brick autoclave is usually side open-door policy or over -open-door policy . In line with the push power, it may be electric-opening autoclave, pneumatic-opening autoclave ,Hydraulic-opening Autoclave .the shatterproof glass autoclave cost can be varies significantly one of the three kinds.thank you for visiting consult ZG to the latest glass laminated autoclave price in china. 

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