Steam boilers technology details for 32 ton

    Our company has many types of 32 ton steam boilers, such as 32 ton oil fired steam boiler, 32 ton gas fired steam boiler, 32 ton biomass steam boiler, and 32 ton coal fired steam boiler.

Working principle of 32 ton steam boiler
    The heating device (burner) releases heat, which is first absorbed by the water wall by radiation heat transfer, and the water of the water wall boils and vaporizes, generating a large amount of steam entering the steam drum for steam-water separation (except for the DC furnace), and the separated saturated steam enters the superheater. The radiation heat and convection continue to absorb the heat of the flue gas at the top of the furnace and the horizontal flue and the tail flue, and the superheated steam reaches the required working temperature.
32 ton steam boiler
ZBG 32 ton steam boiler 
Capacity:32 ton
Fuel type:coal,baggase,rice husk,biomass,oil,natural gas
Pressure:Depand on the fuel type
Application:School,Food Processing,Hospital,Paper Plant,etc.
    The above is only a preliminary analysis. If you want to know the specific situation or you wanna purchace 32 ton steam boiler in ZBG, you are welcome to consult ZBG online according to actual needs!We also have 5 ton steam boiler,8 ton steam boiler,10 ton steam boiler,15 ton steam boiler,20 ton steam boiler.We will provide you with boiler details and a quotation for you to choose from as soon as possible.
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